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Commercial truck drivers throughout the country need to meet certain criteria, ensuring they’re physically fit to work. Men and women training to receive their Commercial Driver’s License need a comprehensive physical completed by a qualified physician. At Main Street Medical in Hilton Head, South Carolina, Joel Johnson III, MD, leads the team of physicians who are Department of Transportation-approved medical examiners. They can ensure your DOT physical meets all federal and state requirements. To schedule your physical, call or book your appointment online today.

DOT Physicals Q & A

What is a DOT physical?

Men and women who drive any interstate commercial vehicle with a maximum gross weight of over 10,000 pounds in the United States are required to pass a comprehensive physical examination. Doctors performing Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) exams must be certified or approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Main Street Medical has providers on staff who are DOT-approved Certified Medical Examiners, qualified to complete DOT exams. After your DOT exam is completed, it’s submitted electronically and stored in the Commercial Driver’s License Information System. The team also gives you a copy of your results for recordkeeping purposes.

Why is a DOT physical important?

If you’re working to obtain your CDL for the first time or are renewing an existing license, you need a valid, up-to-date DOT exam completed by an approved Certified Medical Examiner listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration registry.

If you fail to update your medical certification before it expires, the State Driver Licensing Agency notifies you that you are no longer medically eligible to drive a commercial motor vehicle.

What does a DOT physical involve?

Your DOT includes:

Blood pressure/pulse rate

High blood pressure readings may require shorter certification for more frequent monitoring.

Hearing test

You’re assessed on your ability to hear different tones and frequencies at specific distances.

Medical history

Examiners look for a history of conditions that may impair your ability to drive.

Physical exam

Your examiner checks for signs of physical impairments that can impact the safe operation of a commercial vehicle.

Vision test

Eyeglasses and contacts are permitted to correct vision.


A urinalysis tests blood, protein, and sugar levels that may indicate underlying health problems.

The DOT requires every driver to meet specific health requirements for medical approval. However, the DOT does allow certain accommodations for many common conditions, including oral medications, hearing aids, contacts, and eyeglasses.

DOT exam approval can’t be granted for men and women with extenuating conditions that may impact driving ability, like recent major surgery or the loss of a limb. Once completed, your DOT exam is valid for up to 24 months, unless you have a specific condition your physician at Main Street Medical needs to monitor more frequently.

To schedule your DOT exam, call Main Street Medical or book an appointment online today.